What is homosexuality ?

The universe has been formation in accordance with the process of development and growth in all the molecules that into it , including the man who emerged from the process of natural evolution it has to complete forms together polite copes with

Full nature fungal alpha male or a female .

The concept of sexual desire :

It is the need of a one gender for the other , this falls under the terms of the need for feelings of satisfaction and Drunk physical sufficiency , in addition to the humanitarian and moral and also the spiritual development ..

Forms of homosexuality :

gay :

They are having sex with their gender (male + male) and (female + female) , and this type of anomaly thorny and complex , both of gay sexual probably practiced the role of the male or female or

Both together .

Misfits and gay at the same time :

In this type the human live his normal sexuality life , at the same time having sex with the same kind , either doing the role of the male, or female, or both together, with the same gender .

Incest :

In this type is a one of the family members having sex with another member from the family , it’s like a father having sex with his daughter or mother having sex with her son, with her brother or sister, or the girl with her uncle or grandfather or uncle, or the young man with his aunt or grandmother or aunt .

Homosexuality with animals :

It performed the human male having sex with a female animals , or that the human female having sex with a male animals , or that the human male practice of female role with male animals .

Homosexuality using the tools :

It’s like the male or female having sex with friction in bed , pillow , or other inanimate objects , or that the man insert his penis in a artificial holes and he imagine and he get senses through it that he is inserting his penis inside the female genitalia , or that the female insert objects resembling the penis in her genitals , This is a form like the other forms of homosexuality ،

Which it has so many branches with no ending .

Masochism homosexuality :

This situation reflects the case of the male or the female who loves to be tortured by the partner bed , Just like practiced male or female slave role or the role of the dog or derogation is being held chained and violence against it ، so they get eroticism at this act , This topic is a broad and comprehensive in itself .

Homosexuality sadistic :

In this type the male or female acts of sadism painful blow ، it has no link with mercy, or the creation and normal emotional balance , so that the person torturing his partner in the process of citizenship, nor feel the pleasure, but to be violent and cruel counterpart with the other in bed ، and it’s the same with the Masochism ، Sadistic torture may have used tools such as chains and whips contrast against his partner in the process of sexual intercourse , there are many forms and types and fantasies of torture .

Homosexuality with the young age :

It performed the elderly having sex with young people and who have not reached adulthood yet increased extremism and perhaps to do even having sex with the baby or the baby in the cradle , This applies to male and female .

Having sex with older :

That is when the rational adult from young age craves the people who are older than them in heavy years , It’s like the young man with no more than twenty years of age loves to have sex with women in the fifties or sixties or seventies or even more than that ,

The same applies to the female which not exceed the twenty-year-old so she loves to do sex with men over fifty or sixty or above .

The human can be a naturally sexually, but the customs and traditions of the community or the circumstances force him to do this act , or even emotional tendency , and we exclude here the human mentality during adolescence, which sometimes is not controlled by his feelings and inclinations , which requires parents or officials to control the teens over their behavior always .

Homosexuality psychological as if the girl generate incomplete femininity girl and feel inside as a man, and she do the impossible to change her sex, and the same applies to the male, as if born male and complete but he feels like a female in the depths also he do the impossible to change his sex to female , here we must pause to clarify a common mistake among people , anomaly of this type does not have to be the basis of the desire to change his sex , it is sexual pleasure Pure (abnormal), but sexual spiritual abnormality respect by refusing to deal with the same sex who found it .

In conclusion we note that there is so many forms of homosexuality need to long folders for the briefing and customized fathom , but we’ve included here the most important points and the broad lines which afflict all societies on earth in proportion and fit from a community to another , Perhaps what prevailed in the community and been a few in another community, but in all cases, the family education and culture of the community customs and traditions, and social policies of the governments of countries and economic and psychological conditions which being experienced by the individual and society as a whole play a larger role, if not all with regard to the role of homosexuality in all its forms .